A heartbeat simulation game.


  • Press 3 keys in order to excite the heart muscles and perfom a heart beat:
    • A - contract atriums filled with blood to push it to ventrices
    • - contract ventrices to push blood out of the heart
    • D - relax the heart muscles to allow fresh blood in
  • Keep the heart rythm between 45 and 160.
  • If the tempo is exceeded, too low or at worst the heart beat phases are mismatched, the heart condition will detoriate rapidly.

Music and sound credits

Known bugs


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I switched tabs, because your page did not seem loaded and suddenly heart this beeping sound and was thinking the fire alarm went off somewhere. lol. Furhtermore, what does CND mean? And I wonder how you did that with Line2D.

The game probably loaded in your browser for a bit longer than usual and the heartbeat autopilot couldn't keep up, so EKG started beeping madly ;) CND is meant to be a heart condition status.

This is amazing.